The Instructors

In our school we are lucky to have a significant number of instructors all of whom are qualified and insured.  We have set out below the lineage of our knowledge and our current instructors.

Head of Family – Grand Master Chen Zhenglei

Grand Master Chen zhenlie
With Sifu Bill Dancock and Instructors andstudents

Our teacher in the UK – Yu Liming, a senior disciple of Chen Zhenglie
Master Yu has been teaching in the UK for over 20 years at the Tai Chi Centre, Manchester.  It is through this school that our instructors are graded.

Bill Dancock РPrincipal instructor РLevel 4 instructor
he is a Senior Indoor student of Master Yue who gave him the title of Master in December 2012

Level 3 instructors

Level 2 instructors

Level 1 instructors

Foundation level instructors

Visiting instructors
Paul Cutland – Level 4

Chief Instructors:Catherine Lear
 Dr Karen Lewin
Chen InstructorsDr Karen Lewin
Catherine Lear
Richard Hyett
John Ellis
Steven Jones
Emma Dancock
Sara Baldwin
Mandy Thurland