Can I Watch?

Here we explain the answer to “can I watch?”

Beginners often ask “Can I watch? Just to see if I like it?”, or can I do one class?

There is a reason why we get a beginner to sign up for a six-week block;

Tai Chi is about Postural Alignment both in standing and in movement. Balance, and relaxation in movement, feeling where you are stiff and muscles are tight, and how to relax them, becoming aware of the body’s faults and learning how to correct them, learning the movements in the form by practicing  at home what has been taught in the class environment.

  All the time, progressing to make the moves better and better, Tai Chi takes years to learn to any decent standard. It isn’t just standing waving arms about slowly.

  It has substantial benefits from a health point of view when done correctly. Also it is a Martial Art, and the two benefit each other. Although, we understand, that it is usually the health benefits that have interested the beginner. The objective is to develop movements and to  try to perfect them!

 So you see that six weeks gives you a fair opportunity to decide if Tai Chi is for you, and if  you like the class and the teaching in it . There are so many facets of Tai Chi that even six weeks isn’t enough to go into all the details