Tai Chi for Health

Why do we say Tai Chi is for Health

After a period of regular practice, the effects of Tai Chi Ch’uan can be felt in one’s enhanced physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The body becomes more supple and its movements gain poise and become more graceful.

On the emotional level, one becomes more relaxed, tolerant and generally happier.

There is a growing body of literature on the effects of Tai Chi and Chi Kung on many disorders.

Even after a short period of regular practice, those disorders caused by anxiety and nervous tension can be greatly alleviated and in some cases eliminated altogether.

When it comes to longer periods of practice there does not seem to be a limit on the healing effects which can be obtained.

Tai Chi is suitable for all and any condition as the student works at their own pace.

Please be aware that Tia Chi and Qi Gong are Exercise Systems That require practice and effort by the student.

Like a Bank account if nothing is put in nothing can be taken out!

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It has often been said that those who study Martial Arts are all too ready to suspend their own sense of disbelief, in other words they seem to want to be duped or deceived. This is particularly true of Tai Chi Ch’uan followers, unless the training includes realistic opportunities to see what it feels like to strike and be struck it remains an exercised in fantasy.

Because of the emphasis in recent years, on the arts health promoting aspects, coupled with the large body of myth and legend surrounding its famous practitioners, In the past Tai Chi Ch’uan has become an attractive practice to those who are seeking a semi mystical Art which doesn’t involve too much in the way of physical hardship.

Interested students have tended to be those who have tried external Martial Arts, but have found them to be too realistic, They have liked the idea of gaining a sort of pseudo mystical power, that is a misinterpretation of the classic writings which seems to promise this.

Of course where such students existed there have also been teachers ready and willing to pander to these desires.