A Martial Art

Martial demonstration

Tai Chi is a Martial Art

Tai Chi Ch’uan is also a Martial Art and students are taught this as they progress.

The healing aspects of Tai Chi and the Martial Art cannot be separated as the two go hand in hand.

The form taught to beginners is the Chen 11 Short Form, devised by Grand Master Liming Yue. Grand Master Chen Zhenglei .

Later moving on to the Laioja Long Form

Partner work is also included later on.

This enables one to check alignment of posture, and balance ,and co-ordination, from the health point of view. Also enables the more advanced to practice their martial abilities.

Chen 11 Form.

Chen Broad Sword.

Ta Lu , San Shou

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We are open to all forms of martial experience, and for those more interested in the martial side. There are cross training workshops from time to time with other disciplines.

Chen Taiji. Kung Fu, Xingy. and Self Defense

Cross Training with The Black Dragon School of Kinjitte Ryu Karate

March 2019