On Line Classes starting from March 24th 2020

13/04/20.All Students please send me your up to date e mail to sunswallowtaich@gmail.com              so we can keep in touch:  At the moment:

Beginners class Tuesdays 7 pm. to 8 pm. Chen 11

Advanced  Chen Laojia  Wednesdays 7 pm. to 8 pm.

you will also need to contact me on whattsapp as there is no two way visual .

You can see me I cant see you,so you will need to ask questions or ask me to go over anything via Whattsapp during the lesson. there will also be a 30 second delay between picture and speech.

to log on : sunswallow.co.uk/live-stream/

send me your email and i will send password.                


Re: Coronavirus

Re: Coronavirus  

We have suspended all classes due to the Corona virus spread. we shall be holding on line classes for students see home page on line classes.

keep well

Regards Bill.

Practicing the Form

when practising the Form,      .

When rushing through moves you miss so much of what is going on. Breath slowly, slow the movements down. When rushing the movements you miss so much of what is going on.

Be in the moment. be in the now-The past has gone-the future hasn’t happened yet!